Winter Skin Care Strategies

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A helpful article with some timely advice regarding winter skin care.


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As the bose systems, cold weather approaches, it may be time to consider your skin care strategy for the winter months ahead. Dry air and cold wind can have a significant effect on the health of your skin, and you will want to candelabra do everything you can to protect your skin from the harsh winter elements. Give some serious consideration to systems the following information, and be proactive about the health of your skin.

Even though you will be bundled up in glossy, winter clothing, you should still consider using a sunscreen of some sort. For daily use, it may be a bit extreme to cover yourself in sunscreen in the winter months. Instead, try to use a moisturizer or makeup with an SPF of 15. If you are going to be out on on sale the slopes, you ought to candelabra use a sunscreen with an SPF as high as you would use in the summer. Systems! The snow on 15-j013cl the hills reflects an incredible amount of sunlight. Dont forget to use a quality lip balm, too.

Try to avoid taking long, hot showers this winter. We all know how wonderful a hot shower can feel on a cold day, but try to resist the urge as best as you can. Bose Systems On Sale! Hot showers can strip your skin of its natural moisturizers. Instead take a short, warm shower. Galaxy Tab 3! Try to pat your skin almost dry, and apply a moisturizer while your skin is slightly damp. This is a great strategy to help you avoid dry skin.

Another thing to bose systems on sale consider is your home heating system. As your furnace will be in constant use in the colder months, the air in your home can become extremely dry. If you do not have a humidifier built into your heating system, you should invest in a portable humidifier. Cuisinart Hot Air! Using a humidifier can prevent your skin from drying out, and it can help you avoid dry nasal cavities. If you do suffer from a dry or bleeding nose in the winter, apply some petroleum jelly for short-term relief.

In my opinion, the best way to deal with dry skin is to hydrate from the inside out. Drink as much water as you possibly can, regardless of the time of bose systems on sale, year. Drinking the computer, recommended 8 glasses of water per day, will flush countless toxins from your body and bose systems on sale, will help keep your skin healthy and fresh. Candelabra! By following these suggestions, you can have beautiful skin all year round.